Who We Are

Recovery Shared is committed to the mission of inspiring and empowering people toward better mental health. We challenge ourselves and others to define and realise meaningful lives in recovery. We acknowledge and support the experience of living alongside mental health concerns while also fostering the belief that these should not be the defining characteristic of who we are.

The peer workforce is a unique and vital part of mental health services, both in their delivery and design. We offer services that are informed and provided utilising the expertise of people with lived experiences of mental illness and recovery - promoting the peer workforce while empowering the people we support to help define the way in which we work. We strive to provide an environment for people to learn, explore, share and connect in ways that are most important and relevant to individual needs.

Mike Davis

Mike Davis

I am a Mental Health Peer Worker and Psychosocial Recovery Coach based on Sydney’s Lower North Shore, working to support people  who experience mental health concerns. I have worked in mental health roles in the Northern Sydney area for the past 5 years as well as having personal experience of area mental health services over the past 30 years.

I have completed Certificate IV qualifications in Mental Health Peer Work and Alcohol and Other Drugs as well as additional training in Psychosocial Recovery Coaching, Support Coordination, group facilitation, suicide response, and the provision of first aid and CPR.

Prior to starting Recovery Shared, I spent over three years as a Mental Health Peer Support Worker for Community Living Supports Northern Sydney where, in addition to providing psychosocial supports and coordinating services for individuals, I helped define and develop the Mental Health Peer Worker role and inform recovery-oriented practice. Prior to this I worked as an Evening/Weekend Counsellor at South Pacific Private Hospital and participated in work placement at The Cabin Outpatient Addiction Treatment Centre.


I am experienced in developing SMART recovery goals and providing a broad range of supports to people with diverse mental health diagnoses, as well as liaising with case managers, education and employment providers and clinical, community and allied health supports.

I am passionate about peer-led recovery and empowering people to discover and realise greater independence, purpose and meaning because of, and alongside, mental illness and recovery. 

Thank you for considering our supports in helping people reach their recovery goals