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What are the goals you'd like to be working on?

It can be a tough question for anyone – but especially when motivation toward anything is pretty low just now. The answer can end up being what someone else might want to hear or setting goals that may make sense but hold little interest.

Hold On! How about looking at a few options first?


It’s hard to know what to aim for without knowing what the target looks like. We offer opportunities to explore activities alongside people; support visits become about discovering what’s out there. And because Peer Workers have often tried a few options ourselves, we offer an experience and perspective gained from facing hurdles that may be almost the same.


You like art? Let’s go to an art gallery!

If that’s something worth doing again, let’s find out about travelling there independently, looking online for other galleries and opening hours, putting money aside for admission, connecting with other art lovers to go with, getting more involved in local arts communities… afternoon among artworks

can lead to a whole lot more.


Budget a bit stretched? 

Let’s have a look at a few options.

What’s worth striving for? What’s less important? What’s already within reach?


Opportunities to boost the budget might be only a few forms or appointments away – let’s work out what’s needed, then do it together. Let’s talk to people who are already working to find out how they got work. Let’s look for sources of income best suited to individual needs. Let’s visit educators and employment providers to build practical pathways.

If it’s something worth doing,

let’s find ways it can be done.



Aspirational goals and lofty ideals are fantastic but what about the everyday stuff that just needs a bit of doing?

Few of us find inspiration looking at a washing basket full of dirty clothes; or derive greater meaning through the brushing of teeth. Sure doctors, dentists and dieticians are useful, but putting advice into action between appointments gets easier when there’s someone to do it with.

Recovery Shared


So... let’s look at the undoable, ask what stops it getting done, share experience from doing it before, explore ways to make it more doable and have a go at doing it together.


Then step back, reflect, review, rejig and repeat as required.

A person-centred, recovery-oriented approach empowers people to be the decision-makers, ensuring supports best meet individual needs....

...and we're all about that!

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